Welding and Fabricating

Need a project welded or fabricated? We use a variety of techniques to complete your project.

Take Care of Your Project with Quality Welding Fabrication in Billings, MT

In our welding and fabrication department, we are able to work on a huge array of different welding processes. We can offer MIG, TIG, stick electrode, and, of course, brazing and silver solder. We weld on many different metals and are available to help you with your welding and fabrication needs. We look forward to working with you.

Get Quality Workmanship from Our Machine Shop in Billings, MT
Billings Machine & Welding takes pride in the quality and quick turnaround for the work that our knowledgeable staff puts out. We are pleased to help you in any manner that we can to provide whatever you may need to get your project accomplished.