Metal Fabrication Welding in the Energy Sector

Metal fabrication welding is an essential part of the entire metal fabrication process. It is of great significance in almost all the important industry sectors in today’s civilization. Among all the diverse industry sectors, the energy sector uses these services quite extensively. In fact, recently many innovative processes have been developed to get optimal results for companies involved in this sector that include oil and gas exploration, production and refinement and chemical processing.

Both traditional and advanced energy suppliers rely on fabrication welding expertise in materials joining and proven energy industry experience. This industry uses a variety of services to help them to design for manufacturability, improve reliability, and realize cost savings through product and process optimization. Yes, quality metal fabrication welding involves optimizing fabrication, operation, maintenance and repair of complex refinery equipment as well.

Apart from the refining industry, other energy sectors that use the fabrication welding services are battery and fuel cell manufacturers, as well as other advanced energy providers. This helps in proper designing for manufacturability, transitioning to high-volume manufacturing and getting products to market at a faster rate. Talking of energy, let us look at its usefulness in the assembling of lithium-ion batteries, which is finding increasing application due to their high voltage, high power density, and low weight compared to other battery varieties.

Fabrication and welding can be used increasingly in accomplishing a very hard task namely tabbing dissimilar materials in assembling Lithium-ion cell. Well in this method, ultrasonic welding method is used to join thin aluminum, copper or nickel tabs, often in multiple-layers and to thicker (and often dissimilar) interconnects. This indeed bears great results. Moreover, this is economical as it requires no flux, can also be used with coated materials, produces low-resistance joints and produces the minimal amount of heat.

Well, so where can you avail the services of the best metal fabrication welding expert. The answer is simple the internet. Indeed the online source offers you many options for all your fabrication needs. This is one platform where you can get access to many different firms that suit your specific fabrication needs. So, just log online and fulfill all your metal fabrication needs from just the comforts of your home and at the most cost effective prices.

I am a registered professional engineer & certified metal fabrication welding process inspector working from the past ten years. I am passionate about writing on industry and wish to share what I has learned from my experience.

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