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Laser-welding systems are now used in many fields to contactlessly make high-quality joints. So they result in flawless seams in metal plates, plastic components, jewelry, and even building – components.

The laser welding equipment is available from OR-Laser meets all of these demands while flexibly permitting highly customized work. So these systems are therefore ideal for virtually any manufacturing task. So the professional-grade laser welding equipment presented in our catalog includes ten different systems that are tailored to meet specific industrial needs.

Laser Welding applications

Applications for Laser Welding Technology

OR-Laser is the best source for a wide variety of professional the laser-technology, so including equipment for precision laser welding and much more. So compared to conventional laser welding technology, laser beam – welding offers enormous advantages and is currently being used in many different fields. So the range of welding lasers extends from – point or area laser beam welding to within tenths of millimeters in the dental & jewelry industries.

When welding with a laser, so there are many forms and a number of possibilities. So some examples include spot, seam, and direct welding. And with laser plastic welding, plastics may be welded & fixed to each other. And another popular method of laser – welding is welding with a scanner, so in which the piece to be processed can be positioned as desired. And each laser system makes it possible to join – components of widely differing materials and combinations. So the benefits are concentrated heat control, high-strength joints with high weld depth, small weld width, & low thermal stress.  So these processes can be automated and monitored online.

Ordering Laser Welding Services and Products With OR Laser

OR Laser is proud to offer a wide variety of custom laser welding – services & industrial laser systems for sale around the world. And with this extensive experience in the research and manufacturing of the laser-machines, we are guaranteed to be the ideal choice for your industrial welding needs. Our laser beam welding-equipment undergoes extensive testing before it is approved to be added to our product-line, and you can be sure that you’ll receive only the highest-quality machines.

This laser welding solutions are used by a wide range of consumers, from the automotive-industry to the dental field. And whether you’re looking for professional consultation services and top-quality equipment, OR Laser has the answer.

Laser cladding with wire

In this process, and the laser beam melts the wire and the base metal, so the melt bonds permanently & resolidifies until a small rise remains. And when the individual welds overlap-precisely, so the desired shape is applied bit by bit.

Laser-cladding with wire is used for the repair of components & functionalizing of surfaces. So this process is particularly economical, clean, and rework is limited to a minimum. And various welding wires are available as filler materials. So this makes it possible to apply material of the same type / to create functional layers according to the requirements for the coating.

1: Laser beam 

2: Wire 

3: Work piece 

4: Application

Laser cladding with powder

Whether it is for design changes or repairs, so laser-cladding with powder upgrades surfaces as if they were cast from one customized, and industrial mold.

With laser-cladding with powder, so a filler metal powder coating is welded onto an existing component with a laser. And a professional looking layer, without pores or cracks & with little mixing & a small heat affected zone, and results.

This additive manufacturing process gives the components higher strength & increases the load capacity. And thanks to laser cladding with powder, repair instead becomes more cost effective, because as worn components can be renewed-exactly at the stressed parts.

Laser cladding with a powder-coating is not only a way to save money, and but it is also an excellent way to save time that would otherwise be spent manufacturing replacements. And the remaining material volume from this form of metal cladding shows no deformation & can keep its original properties. And through the use of metal cladding with lasers & a powder coating, components can be returned to operation quickly.

See the process of laser Cladding with Powder at work

1: Laser beam 

2: Powder feed 

3: Work piece 

4: Application

Our laser systems for sale that are recommended for additive manufacturing


The EVO-MOBILE system is an excellent option for laser cladding with a powder coating in an open workstation. So some of the top features for the EVO MOBILE model include auto weld, high pulse peak power, an high pulse peak power intern video function, and touch screen technology too. And this all of these features are packed into a compact size to eliminate the need to have a large workspace for laser-cladding with powder.


The LRS EVO model is another compact laser-welding-system. And like the EVO Mobile model, so it is ideal for an open welding workstation. And features of the LRS EVO include two Z axes, a teach-in function, simple-operation, range ability, motorized X/Y and Z travel, & a large table capacity of 350 kg.


LASERCAB is a laser-welding-system that is designed for precision. And with the system’s ability to change the diameter of the laser beam during welding, so it offers a lot of flexibility. And other features include touch screen technology, integrated fume extraction, auto weld, X/Y & two Z axes, & a table load capacity of 250 kg. And this system is recommended for busy-production environments with heavy traffic.


The ROBOLASER model is packed-full of possibilities for laser cladding processes. So along with cladding ability, so this equipment also performs welding, cutting, & hardening. And other benefits include quick & short cycles, so a large selection of filler materials, low thermal stress, high hardness, & no structural damage.

Laser plastic welding

Today, laser-plastic-welding is replacing other joining techniques such as gluing & ultrasonic welding in many manufacturing & industrial fields. So the modern joining process for plastics is highly flexible & free of particles & solvents, & it provides high strength connections without marking or damaging the work surface. So plastic laser welding is invaluable when precise control or accuracy is needed to protect for the vital internal components, this can be used to successfully weld-plastics even when faced with challenging geometries.

With this illustration, you can see the process of laser plastic welding at work

1: Laser beam 

2: Transparent plastic 

3: Absorbed plastic 

4: Diffusion zone 

5: Joining pressure

Laser welding plastics utilizing the laser transmission welding-method joins two thermoplastic plastics, so a transparent plastic & an absorbing joining partner. And the laser beam penetrates the upper, laser transparent component and melts the lower, so laser absorbing component, and which then bonds with the transparent plastic. So when done properly, this creates a leak free, and secure weld.

And with this type of overlapping welding, and the weld is generated on the inside of the component without the release of particles. So it creates a nearly invisible, optically high quality weld with opaque components. And the local heat input with the laser has a minimal impact on the components, welds can be created even in the immediate vicinity of electronic-components. So because laser plastic welding creates a weld without the need for solvents, it reduces industrial waste & saves on cost, so making it a green solution for manufacturers.

There are four main techniques used in laser plastic-welding

  • Contour welding: Used for welding three dimensional / large parts, contour welding moves the laser in a single pass along the welding joint.
  • Mask welding: Laser welding plastic with this method utilizes a wide beam that moves over the entire surface being welded, with a shield protecting areas where welding is not desired.
  • Quasi-simultaneous welding: This technique utilizes a small beam that makes several passes over the welding joint.
  • Simultaneous welding: Multiple beams pass simultaneously over the welding joint.

For more than 20 years, OR Laser has been at the vanguard of laser technology and innovation. Our plastic-welding services and equipment are industry-tested, perfect for any professional need, and among the best available for sale today.

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Precise, Cost-Effective Production

Achieving strong and visually flawless seams is increasingly important in many production processes. And laser welding systems from OR Laser deliver the precision and efficiency required for large-scale industrial applications. What’s more, we offer a whole range of equipment from which companies of all sizes can pick the system that best suits their requirements.

Laser Welding Systems from OR Laser

OR Laser develops both mobile also stationary laser welding systems that consistently deliver top quality, so whether you work with metals or plastics. Smaller companies and those requiring mobility can opt for the EVO MOBILE, which features a compact, portable design. For midsized companies is ideal for making smaller and intermediate-sized molds, for example. For maximum flexibility, the HTS MOBILE is a mobile solution crafted to handle anything from small to large projects.

No matter which OR Laser system you can choose, you can count on outstanding quality. Each system presented in our catalog comes with a unique selection of specific and general-purpose functions. The compact PICCOLASER, for example, is a small, highly mobile unit that’s ideally suited for jewelers, goldsmiths, and dental technicians.

At the same time, it’s equipped with easy-to-use capabilities that are shared by many of our other meticulously engineered units: joystick control, motorized travel in X/Y/Z, high-pulse peak power, and more. For full versatility, the ROBOLASER is one of our most flexible systems. It’s a multifunctional triumph of ruggedness and precision with welding, cutting, hardening, and cladding functions.